Central de Arquitectura

Central de Arquitectura

Mexico, MX


Casa Reforma

The proposal for this house was created through solid stone volumes which respond to the horizontality that the spaces and the program generated and to their proportions. The project retakes the geometries of the context and urban image, unifying them in a tectonic volume. These volumes float above a water mirror which gives access to the house. A single skin of stone gives color and shape to the whole project, creating modulated openings and perforations that allow the entrance of light and shades created by the same volumes, controlling over natural light and creating private and comforting areas.

In the interior, the spaces generated by the scheme, helped have plenty of diversity in the materials applied, as well as their combination. The structural solution is a combination of concrete and steel; because of the distance that are intended to be freed. The result was a plan view free of columns and visually transparent that generates an interaction between the inside and the outside across the existing translucent openings. The interior spaces connect with the exterior spaces and the environment.

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Status: Built
Location: Mexico, MX