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BMA Architects

Sagaponack, NY


Long Island Estate Main House

This project is, in a sense, born of the land, its striking slanted roof mimicking the natural topography of the site. Local zoning code dictated that the maximum building height be measured from existing natural grade at each point along the length of the structure, and from this design parameter emerged the form of the house.

The family of four who own this vacation retreat are contemporary art collectors who were looking for an innovative way to display art in their residence.  We expressed the gallery program as a discrete element from the mass of the house, articulating it as a second-story tube that cuts through the center of the house.  Long gallery walls run the length of each side of the tube and large windows open to the exterior at either end. 

The space doubles as a lounge to the primary bedroom, merging the gallery sensibility with the functionality of a residence. 

The materiality, inspired by the work of Tadao Ando, juxtaposes concrete walls with dark shou sugi ban wood siding for a dramatic interplay set against lush landscaping.  The art collection also animates the exterior, where thoughtfully placed sculptures around the pool complete the vision of a space where art can mingle with life.

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Status: Built
Location: East Hampton, NY, US
Firm Role: Architect