REC Arquitectura

REC Arquitectura

Mexico, MX



The Project throws on the table 3 postulates that the office
has been developing as paradigms on this contemporaneity:
A facade with luminic points acting as leds where there was
no need for electric power or photo voltaic cells, its illumination
is zero energy, each of these devices cost just 1 dollar
per 65 years. This is possible utilizing retro reflectors like
the ones seen on highways…….in fact, the arrow that is
featured on the façade is caused by the car’s light under a
holistic conception.

The second strategy was to reutilize the formwork used for
the building and transforming it into urban infrastructure for
terraces or exterior decks, that way the formwork could be
stored for a future use in coming projects, that means: the
formwork used to cast the building slabs is next working as
a deck or exterior floor where the pieces are deployed on the
floor and now some of those pieces are reutilized for
building construction; they became once again pieces of
formwork, projecting the lifespan of the materials and
expanding the boundaries of the initial project.
Third, the exploration and use of organic materials utilized
in a way that goes beyond its classic aesthetic conception.
On this specific building, we use “Zacate” (Mexican natural
fiber) as a filter to allow natural air circulation, and as part
of the garden under the stair. The recollection and transportation
of the material was directly negotiated with farmers.

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Status: Built
Location: Morelos, MX