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Milan, IT


Competition for the new ENI Headquarters in San Donato Milanese

Competition for the new ENI Headquarters in San Donato Milanese, Milan, Italy
February-September 2011

The project is located in the former industrial complex of Metanopoli, the first settlement of ENI and placed in San Donato Milanese, Milan, Northern Italy. The new intervention aims at establishing a functional, dynamic, communicative and identity-based design that embodies the values and potential of the company ENI. The fundamental objective of the project is to completely integrate the architecture with the urban context and landscape of the region which has increasingly seen changes in the last few decades. 

The design is characterized by a great cover that shields the underlying buildings and is composed in its entirety of approximately 5 acres of photovoltaic panels. The decisions incorporated to the design regarding energy conservation and creation, intended to not only convey a political message regarding ENI as a source of clean energy and forbearer of a new workplace experience, but as the icon of the region. Energy conservation and adoption of renewable power  techniques throughout the project, such as in the cover, the building, the canal systems intended for geothermic air exchange, the air exhaust and ventilation tower that takes advantage of prevailing winds and the sampling of groundwater wells, were intended to meet the needs of a the community to become part of the new century. The keystone of the project, embodied by the cover, is the union between an architectural idea and advanced technology.

project credits
San Donato Milanese, Italia



competition dates
febbraio-settembre 2011

Andrea Maffei Architects, Arata Isozaki & Associates

project phase
schematic design

design team
Takeshi Miura, Alessandra De Stefani, Roberto Balduzzi, Takatoshi Oki, Francesca Chezzi, Paolo Evolvi, Elisabetta Borgiotti, Stefano Bergagna, Pietro Bertozzi, Chiara Zandri, Vincenzo Carapellese / Andrea Maffei Architects

structural engineering
Aldo Bottini, Sergio Sgambati, Alessandra Izzo, Stefano Rocca, Chiara Naldi / BMS Progetti

mechanical engineering
Mauro Strada, Pierpaolo Bortolami, Simone Cappelletti, Simone Perin, Chiara Tavani / STEAM

fire systems
Simone Cappelletti, Simone Perin / STEAM

landscape design
Stefan Tischer, Laura Gatti

Miller Hare Limited

Maurizio Meroni, Costanza Calvetti / ONEOFF

project area

project cost
Euro 136.574.735,00

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Milan, Italy
My Role: Architects: Arata Isozaki and Andrea Maffei
Additional Credits: ENI SpA