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Milan, IT

CityLife Tower
CityLife Tower
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CityLife Tower

The tower designed by Arata Isozaki and Andrea Maffei as part of the redevelopment programme of the historical trade fair area in Milan commissioned by the company Citylife will reach a height of 207 meters in 2015, and will be the tallest in Italy.

The skyscraper, comprised of a modular system that can in theory repeat indefinitely, has six office floors in each of the eight modules clad with a double-glazed glass skin. The vertical continuation of the modules, slightly convex, has been designed to create the concept of a tower without end. Four slanted “struts” help to support the tower along the two main façades (reducing, among other things, the bulk of the load-bearing structures in the internal space) and act as one of the bracing systems.

“In our archipelago of forms – explains Andrea Maffei – we found it interesting to develop the idea of a skyscraper without end, a sort of endless tower. We wanted to study a concept to be applied to the skyscraper, even before imagining its aesthetics. In the aspiration for maximum height, we chose to apply the concept of a modular system that could repeat indefinitely and seamlessly.”

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Milan, Italy
My Role: Architects: Arata Isozaki and Andrea Maffei
Additional Credits: project

TCa CityLife Tower, Milan, Italy




CityLife s.r.l., Milan, Italy


Arata Isozaki and Andrea Maffei

design team

Pietro Bertozzi, Takeshi Miura, Alessandra De Stefani, Chiara Zandri, Vincenzo Carapellese, Roberto Balduzzi, Francesca Chezzi, Takatoshi Oki, Stefano Bergagna, Paolo Evolvi, Elisabetta Borgiotti, Adolfo Berardozzi, Sofia Bedinsky, Atsuko Suzuki, Antonietta Bavaro, Carlotta Maranesi, Higaki Seisuke, Hidenari Arai / Andrea Maffei Architects s.r.l., Milan, Italy

structural engineering

Maurizio Teora (PD), Luca Buzzoni (PM), Matteo Baffetti / Arup Italia s.r.l., Milan, Italy Favero & Milan Ingegneria s.p.a., Mirano, Italy


Mikkel Kragh, Mauricio Cardenas, Matteo Orlandi, Maria Meizoso, Carlos Prada / Arup Italia s.r.l., Milan, Italy

mechanical systems

Gianfranco Ariatta, Roberto Menghini, Riccardo Lucchese, Andrea Ambrosi, Sylvia Zoppo Vigna / Ariatta Ingegneria dei sistemi s.r.l., Milan, Italy

fire control

Salvatore Mistretta, Milan, Italy

vertical infrastructures

Jappsen Ingenieure, Frankfurt, Germany

lighting design

LPA Light Planners Associates, Tokyo, Japan

sound engineering

Vernon Cole, Cole Jarman, Addlestone, Surrey, United Kingdom

project management

J&A, Milan, Italy

Ramboll, London, United Kingdom


Colombo Costruzioni, Milan, Italy


built surface for the tower: 81.615 mq

surface for parking areas (outdoors and underground): 44.485 mq.

maximum building height: 207 m

number of floors: 50

number of office floors: 46

number of work stations: 3864


competition: 2003 (results: 2004) / design: 2005-2011 / start of construction: 2012 / estimated completion: 2015

CityLife Tower
CityLife Tower
CityLife Tower
CityLife Tower
CityLife Tower
CityLife Tower