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As One Architecture

Boulder, CO


Lima lofts

Lima Lofts is a unique, thirty unit apartment building designed for the Loft Boutique architectural competition in Lima, Peru. The geometry of the facade echoes the chaos of the city around it and remakes the traditional apartment grid into a series of angled and overlapping geometries. The exterior surfaces of the units are bent and twisted to create balconies and overhangs for shading the windows from the harsh sun.  The units are designed so that light can reflect deep into the unit and ocean breezes can flow uninterrupted through the units - naturally cooling the space.  Typically a maze of hallways lacking natural light, the apartment entrances spans a light filled fifteen story volume open to the sky above, which also allows light to filter down to the lobby.  On the penthouse floor a pool, sculpted changing rooms, and sun deck bathe in sunlight and views of the mountains, ocean, and sky.  The building is partially powered by a grid of solar panels that also help shade portions of the penthouse area.  The interior of the units are clad in natural plaster, wood floors, and finished birch plywood ceilings.  At the rear of the building is a sculpted courtyard for the residents filled with a reflecting pool and trees.  

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Boulder, CO, US