New York, NY


Arsight | Chelsea Apartment

In Chelsea, NYC, our interior design project unfurled as a tapestry of contrasts and harmonies. We took on the challenge of transforming an apartment into an airy abode that seamlessly merged classic elegance with Scandinavian simplicity. The client's vision was clear: a space where minimalism wasn't just a design choice, but a celebration of empty spaces, breathing life into each element.

Every corner of this apartment tells a story of history and craftsmanship. The bathroom, a serene sanctuary, pairs white tones and wooden accents with rough clay tiles, creating a cohesive, tranquil space. The bedroom, adhering to minimalist principles, features dual-tone plasters and wood, complemented by heavy, opulent curtains that add a touch of luxury. In the kitchen, the rugged texture of raw brick stands in stark contrast to the sleekness of stainless steel cabinets, while blue accents subtly nod to the exquisite balance of rough and sleek. The living space is an ode to art and history, with custom shelving hosting large artworks, vintage sofas inviting relaxation, and a discreet cupboard, adorned with plants, adding a touch of nature.

Our design philosophy, intricate in its simplicity, was to juxtapose the raw with the polished, the aged with the detailed, embracing the beauty of simplicity. This vision of blending contrasts was recognized and applauded internationally, earning features in prestigious publications.

We left parts of the original brickwork intentionally unrestored, allowing them to narrate the passage of time, while rough concrete ceilings and beams added to the narrative of age and endurance. The deliberate preservation of tall ceilings celebrated the apartment's original architecture and its imperfections. Dominating the vast open space, custom floor-to-ceiling shelving served not just as a storage solution, but as the backbone of the home, defining its spatial narrative.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US