New York, NY


Arsight | Brooklyn Brownstone Renovation

In our recent renovation project, we have tastefully designed a custom kitchen and a sophisticated bathroom, merging modern technology and comfort with the charm of a 120-year-old Brooklyn brownstone. The design of our renovation respects the building's history while integrating new features seamlessly. We paid meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the stain, wood, and finishes match the original window trims, doors, and crown molding, and restored the stained glass windows and flooring with care.

Our impressive custom wood kitchen features cabinet fronts that resemble the original millwork, with a thoughtfully selected stain, color, wood type, and pattern to create a cohesive look. We've incorporated the latest in appliance technology, ensuring a timeless yet contemporary appeal. The space exudes minimalist Scandinavian aesthetics, with earthy tones and natural materials that connect the kitchen and bathroom through oak accents and classic subway tile. This captivating blend of historical grandeur and modern luxury is sure to impress.

To enhance the functionality of the kitchen, we've added upper cabinets that are higher up, which helps to conceal the hood. In addition, we've installed a marble shelf for storage and decoration, complemented by brass hardware that matches the tone of the wood. Moreover, we've created a powder room behind the original door near the dining area of the kitchen, using classic millwork with an eccentric wallpaper and brass hardware, all complemented by a marble hexagon floor.

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Status: Built
Location: Brooklyn, NY, US