New York, NY


Arsight | Tribeca Apartment Project

In the heart of Tribeca, NYC, we transformed a 760 sq. ft. apartment into a living narrative for a family of three. Our task: to blend raw, natural materials with high-end finishes, creating a unique space that eschews trends for timeless comfort. Inspired by the elements—stone, sand, clay, wood—each room tells a story, embracing imperfections as marks of character.

Our challenge was weaving these elements seamlessly across three distinct rooms. In the kitchen, a hand-carved stone island and custom sconces blend with rugged textures. The dining room features hand-molded stone and heavyweight linen, creating a tactile experience. The living room, anchored by a central fireplace and custom shelving, marries fluted glass with handmade plaster for a striking contrast.

Achieving harmony in this space meant celebrating the history and origin of each material, from the Fume Grey Emperador stone to the tadelakt plaster walls. Our approach was to honor the sincerity of these materials, allowing their natural states to shine, even if that meant embracing their roughness or slight damage. This philosophy extended to our choice of FF&E, ensuring the space remained welcoming yet distinctive.

The result is a testament to our design ethos at Arsight: creating spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also deeply meaningful, resonating with the stories of the people and elements that shape them. This Tribeca apartment stands as a proud example of our ability to balance refined elegance with raw, natural beauty.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US