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CentrePlace Manitoba

CentrePlace Manitoba is a statement in elegant simplicity. Commissioned by the Province of Manitoba with the goal of creating an Olympic pavilion that embodies the energy of the province and its people, the design transcends the “white fabric tent” and shows a demonstrated commitment to sustainability.

The pavilion is characterized most distinctively by its use of reclaimed diseased elm. Typically, once infected, a tree must be removed and disposed of even though only the bark remains contaminated. Through its material selection, CentrePlace reclaimed a hundred diseased trees, milling them locally to produce 7,000 feet of timber for the pavilion’s construction. By repurposing the material, the energy consumption required to bury and dispose of the wood was eliminated in favor of a more sustainable process. Clear, biodegradable finishes were used, reducing the impact on the environment and allowing the natural quality of the wood to form an integral part of the aesthetic.

Life cycle considerations resulted in the building as a “kit of parts”, and the use of pre-fabricated components streamlined both the construction and disassembly process. This strategy enabled the structure to have a post-Olympic legacy beyond the pavilion’s initial six-week life span. CentrePlace has since been reassembled for public display in its home province of Manitoba.

Significant thought and coordination were put into limiting the amount of material used in order to minimize the cost and implications associated with transportation. All components were designed to fit on three flatbed trailers for transport to Vancouver. Shipping materials such as the plywood strapping used for transporting roof and deck modules were reused as exterior cladding on the rear portion of the structure.

Prefabricating the materials in Manitoba enabled the project to support the local economy and meets the client’s requirement for the use of Manitoba labour.

The commitment to an efficient and sustainable solution is carried through to every detail of the design and serves to promote the client as a leader in the innovative use of resources. From the careful selection of materials and life cycle considerations, to the reuse of shipping materials as building components, each element functions as a whole to deliver a solution that works. CentrePlace Manitoba is a demonstration of responsible design, challenging the concept of the temporary pavilion, and offering a solution that goes beyond a building typology whose typical life-span is largely unsustainable.

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Status: Built
Location: Vancouver, BC, CA