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Winnipeg, MB, CA


Apotex Centre   The University of Manitoba’s new Apotex Centre, located at the corner of McDermot and Emily Street, is a striking addition to the current bustling downtown campus. It provides state-of-the-art teaching and research space for the Faculty of Pharmacy as well as providing needed overflow lecture rooms for the downtown campus. The Apotex Centre marks the beginning of a long-range construction process that will develop McDermot Avenue, between Emily and Tecumseh streets, into a vibrant and pedestrian-oriented campus street.

The design of the new Apotex centre showcases the facility’s activities by bringing casual learning spaces such as lounges, study areas, and circulation corridors to the perimeter of the building where they are naturally lit and visually connected to the exterior.

The glazed east end of the building acts to unify distinct areas, both physically with the elevator and stairs, and psychologically by creating the impression of one volume from the exterior. This design not only optimizes overall building area, therefore reducing heating and cooling loads, but also allows for these spaces to have an abundance of natural light. The intent of these spaces is to allow for chance encounters between student and student or student and professor – interaction that does not occur when such spaces are not along a pathway.


Project undertaken by Corbett Cibinel Architects

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Status: Built
Location: Winnipeg, MB, CA