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Seattle, WA


Duvall Library

The new 8,000 SF library is located within the historical district of “Old Town” Duvall, situated at the northeast corner of the Main Street (HWY 203) and NE Stephens Street intersection. The design of the new library was governed by the requirement to compliment Duvall’s history and the scale and character of Main Street. The library reflects the wonderful character of Duvall: rural yet urban, sophisticated yet authentic, warm and rustic yet modern. The exterior is adorned with recycled barn wood, a living roof, weathered steel and glass. Inside this responsive shell, the materials continue, yet are transformed. A perforated plywood ceiling creates an acoustic environment that is quiet and calm, but lively enough to create a communal sense.

Hand blown glass light fixtures speak to the craft still present in Duvall. The children’s area includes circular cubbies, perfect for curling up with a book – they are nearly always occupied. And the meeting room provides a light and airy resource for Duvall’s active community.

The library is future-forward. A catalyst for community growth, it met stringent self-imposed sustainability goals. A ground source heat pump relying on 300’ deep geothermal wells located in the parking lot, coupled with LED lighting and daylight sensors, reduce the building’s electrical usage by 40%. Large awnings and interior suspended ceilings control sunlight and heat exposure. Recycled, salvaged, and low-VOC materials were installed throughout to provide guests with the healthiest possible indoor experience. Outdoors, a green roof of hardy sedums offsets the building’s footprint, slowing and filtering stormwater runoff. Marrying environmentalism and site-responsive design, the Duvall Library bridges the city’s past and future.

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Status: Built
Location: Duvall, WA, US
Additional Credits: PHOTOGRAPHY Daniel Sheehan