Erik van der Putten

Erik van der Putten

Vancouver, BC


Church of Disco: Calgary

Church of Disco

The Church of Disco is the result of a formal exploration utilizing parametric software in conjugation with an exploration of structure, surface and light.

Exploring the ability of parametric design tools for the purposes of formal generation, the resulting assembly is an amalgamation of triangles, multiplied, folded and contorted along a flowing surface.  Through the utilization of parametric attraction points, the structure is lightened in areas where less structure would be required to support the assembly if the project was scaled to its theoretical potential.

The resulting structure creates an opportunity for dynamic lighting displays, where the structure and its apertures become both the facilitator and actor within the seen.   The arcing form allows for varying spaces to be created within the space allowing for a multitude of user experiences.

Materials:  Cardstock & Paint

Design Tools:  Grasshopper, Rhino, 3D Laser Cutting

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Status: School Project
Location: Kasian Gallery, University of Calgary