Ellyn Freed

Ellyn Freed

New York, NY, US


Studio 402: Ghost Works

The GhostWorks project was one that integrated our Architecture class as well as the Interaction Design students at UW.  We work with the public development authority in Twisp, WA called TwispWorks, to come up with different installations that would get the community interested in their work as well as to tell the stories of Twisp's past.

Our group installed a landscape project to help enhance the proposed "Green belt" section of the TwispWorks campus and composed it of tree sections from a tree that had been felled on site to make room for solar panels on one of the campus buildings.  The project was designed to establish community events that will get people engaged in building, design and learning about this project and the area's history in the Forest Service.

The first event get people involved in sawing the felled trees into sections with vintage manual crosscut saws as well as more modern mechanized saws.

The second event would be to let families and individuals to brand their names and stories into the wood slabs.  Whether they be locals or visitors, anyone will be able to put their own stories on the tree slabs.

The third event would entail composing these slabs into a form that people can sit on, play around and enjoy in any way that they chose.

The final event will be to plant native plants amidst the tree slabs so that over many years people can watch the form grow and change with the seasons and the years, giving the ghost of this tree a new life to create more stories for years to come.

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Status: Built
Location: Twisp, WA, US
My Role: Designer, Project Manager
Additional Credits: University of Washington, College of Built Environments