Ellyn Freed

Ellyn Freed

New York, NY, US


Lake Wenatchee Cabin Re-build

This project came about due to a massive wind and snow storm that felled thousands of trees along the shores of Lake Wenatchee, WA in the winter of 2012.  The roof of this cabin had been shattered by a 100 ft tall pine tree. The internal structure of this cabin's roof and main floor have been entirely compromised and must be re-built.  The renovated design features three dormers instead of the original one dormer.  This allows for more natural light to come in through the home and also create more privacy on the loft level.

This is a green project featuring Nichiha cement siding, re-used wood from the fallen trees and natural insulating materials.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Lake Wenatchee, WA
My Role: Designer/ Consultant