DYN Architecture

DYN Architecture

Shanghai, CN


Space Slice Renovation Project: A co-working space spices up with fashion

Designed by DYN Architecture, a hidden gem in the headquarters of Shanghai Garment Group (SGG), is a fashioned related co-working space located on Maotai Road, Changning District in Shanghai. 

In collaboration with SGG and Creater, the exisiting SGG building is transformed from a single-use office building to a modern co-working space mixed with retail, showroom, and office. Space Slice project aims to encourage interactions between different fashion departments and revitalise existing space. A four-floor co-working space with fashion related functions is inserted in the building.

The existing SGG building is support by a number of wide concrete columns (800mm*400mm). How to use these densely placed columns to create a clean and continuous space became the challenge for architect. The disadvantage would be an advantage. “Why not to take the dimension of these columns to create something new?” The architect Yinian Dou came up with the idea of “slicing the space”: linking wide columns to form thick walls to divide the space. By opening up some walls and letting the space flow through, the spatial depth is created.   

Corresponding with the design of thick walls, a unique floor pattern of smooth concrete patches and small-size mosaics is also a creation from the architect: mosaics record the shadow of thick walls, and triangular concrete patches depict the openings.  

Ground floor is the reception: a customised white spiral stair is the central element brightening up the entrance space. Around the reception is stores, cafe, exhibition space, and bookstore. Following the spiral stair up, people arrive at the show space where fashion shows could be held regularly. Show related functions, such as showrooms, fabric storage, meeting space and offices are in close proximity to each other. More offices are provided on the second and third floors. 

Discards the black and grey colours which have been used for most of the co-working spaces in China, Space Slide project chose the opposite: the white. Elegant and unsophisticated, colour white emphasises the purity of space. 

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Status: Built
Location: Shanghai, CN
Firm Role: PR
Additional Credits: Architect: Yinian Dou
Design Team: Yifeng Zhang, Li Dai
Photographs: UnitU
Main contractor: Chuanghong Construction Group Co., Ltd