DYN Architecture

DYN Architecture

Shanghai, CN


Capitaland C Cube Co-working Space

Located on the Zhengli Road in Yangpu District, Shanghai, Capitaland C Cube is the first co-working space project developed by Capitaland. The streets surrounded by high-rise office towers are often lacking street lives and vibrance; meanwhile, space inside of the office towers are isolated from the street. How to revitalise the streets and activate the interface between office towers and street is the task for architect. A design concept of “inviting the street” into the office building is introduced by Architect Yinian Dou. 

The elements in the city such as square, stair, and street are extracted and recreated in the co-working space. The lobby opens to the public: the entry of lobby has no access control and becomes ‘the living room of the city’. The reception is on the westside of the lobby. Next to the reception is a steel frame where plant boxes can be moved around and compose the logo of the company. After the lobby, the access control with face recognition technology is set between the lobby and show space. 

Focusing on encouraging and stimulating social interactions, the ground floor show space with big stairs are for gatherings, presentations, and casual meetings. Some working tables are also available here. A central meeting room is located behind the big stairs. On the first floor is individual offices with glass walls: even sitting in the office, the people are still aware of what is happening outside. Kitchens are provided between each office zone. Except for the office, there are also private meeting rooms for confidential phone calls and meetings.

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Status: Built
Location: Shanghai, CN
Firm Role: PR
Additional Credits: Lead Architects: Yinian Dou
Other participants
Design Team: Yifeng Zhang, Li Dai
Client: Capitaland
Photo credits: Yinian Dou