Dustin Michael Infante

Dustin Michael Infante

Long Beach, CA, US


Landmark Sears Boyle Heights

Sr. Job Captain and Designer, Landmark Sears in Boyle Heights is an existing 2 million S.F. mixed use building that includes ten levels, a basement, and a multi-level tower (15 Levels Total). The First Floor is approximately 75% occupied by Sears Retail, while the remaining space on this floor is unoccupied. The remaining nine levels and the tower are currently unoccupied. Currently Entitled, we will introduce new Light Courts at 9 significant moments throughout the buildings history of construction (1927-1970). This will not only satisfy day lighting requirements for the 1,030 Residential Units, 2nd and 3rd Levels of Offices, and 1st Level Market Place, but also emphasize some of the most important “Moments” through the history of the building. The Site will contain a new Parking Structure, Central Hub that will consist of Retail, Restaurants, and Assembly spaces for the City of Boyle Heights and surrounding areas to experience.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Boyle Heights, CA, US
My Role: Sr Job Catain + Chief Designer