Dustin Michael Infante

Dustin Michael Infante

Long Beach, CA, US


Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland

Assistant Architectural Designer, TAYLOR, in partnership with HDR, developing a master plan with Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland that will substantially refresh the campus and its place within the community. The plan, which celebrates the greatness within all children, re-organizes the campus into distinct inpatient and outpatient zones, redistributes populations to appropriate acuity settings, seismically upgrades older structures, and transforms existing NICU and PICU beds from multi-bed wards to state-of-the-art healing in single-bed rooms. By creating “One Voice”, shared by the hospital’s staff, patients, neighbors and community, TAYLOR facilitated a series of Visioning sessions, which shaped a unique master planning vision entitled “On To Greatness.” These sessions generated dialogue that enabled the hospital and its advocates to discover and verbalize the most desired intentions for their master plan. Throughout the evolution of the master plan, inspirational cues discovered during the Visioning experience continue to drive the project’s spirit forward.

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Status: Built
Location: Oakland, CA, US
My Role: Architectural Assistant + Designer