Dimitri Damiel Kim

Dimitri Damiel Kim

New York, NY, US



AIM Factory 8 District Re-development Design


The 'Factory 8 District' is emerging to be one of the most industrious and culturally vibrant district in the booming capitol of Beijing, China. Attracting artists, designers, gallery owners, and boutique shops, the aligning low rise towers of Factory 8 contains both living and workspace, yet devoid of social friendly attractors and after work programs.

Design Narrative

A re-appraisal of the renovation methods and philosophy, that is, taking an existing structure to create a new space and program.

Design Execution

Proposal for an elevated structure and social complex with cafes, galleries, park, and outdoor theater, built on top of existing buildings within Factory 8; the structure also contains connecting bridge between adjacent buildings, giving wide range of access to the local community and visitors.

Architects: (X)Manifold A.D.R.L.
Client: AIM
Location: Factory 8 District, Beijing, PRC
Year: 2009
Budget: N/A

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Beijing, CN
My Role: Architect