Dimitri Damiel Kim

Dimitri Damiel Kim

New York, NY, US


24/Seven Maker Space and Residence

Live-Make Cincinnati Industrial Arts Center


1. How to promote and revitalize the history (direct and indirect) of the Brewery district and the landmark 126 West McMicken building, while paving the way for new developments.

2. How to promote new and innovative enterprise for design, manufacturing, and contemporary art.


1. Residential Space for a new community of tenants composed of artists, craftsmen, designers, and enthusiasts.

2. Design/Make/Build studios for creative tenants with shared facilities and equipments and machines.

3. Special Maker-in residence within Design/Make/Build studios for the visiting artists.

4. Storefront style gallery for the purpose of engaging the public.

Design Proposal

1. Liberate the spaces that are commonly separated, blocked, and sealed from one another in a typical, single program, open space, loft building.

2. Allow the tenants and artists to define the spaces as they see fit, while providing essential architectural amenities (kitchen, studio space, bathroom, etc), equipments, and facilities.

3. The Make Studio, the Storefront, and Live Residence will overlap, programmatically and spatially.

Architects: (X)Manifold A.D.R.L.
Client: LIVE·MAKE Industrial Arts Center Cincinnati
Location: Cincinnati, OH, USA
Year: 2012
Budget: N/A

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Cincinnati, OH, US
My Role: Architect