Derrington Building Studio

Derrington Building Studio

Austin, TX


Maples Renovation

We considered the forms, materials, and spaces for this renovation.  Proper material and color choices for the exterior would change the presence of the house on the street.  The new deck would improve the way in which the house is used and understood.  Careful massing would give the house a more balanced presence when experienced from the back yard.

Our priority was to understand the clients’ lifestyle – how they use the house – and thought about it as something of a diagram.  We used this to find ways of shaping the house around their life rather than shaping your life around the house (as most people live).  Once we better understood how this renovation needed to respond, we crafted a more tailored experience for the family using writings, sketches, drawings, models, and pictures.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Austin, TX, US