Derrington Building Studio

Derrington Building Studio

Austin, TX


Manchaca Industrial Center

Warehouse/office facility designed for a rural site.  It draws inspiration from the practical utility of old hay lofts and feed troughs and was combined with modern construction technologies focused on creating comfortable spaces for the user.  Natural light from skylights, breezes through the bays, large shading overhangs, and common areas help add ease and liveness to a typology that is rarely though of as a nice place to be.


The outdoor break room is designed to pull a breeze in the hot months and provide shade from the summer, while allowing the sun to warm the space in the winter months.  The biggest problem with most warehouses is the lack of outdoor recreational space for the users. We incorporated such a space from the very beginning of the design.  Not only is there a community gathering space, each warehouse unit has a “backyard” space for the independent needs of their business.


Each unit has a slatted transom above the door to allow diffused light deep into the space. Once the slats reach the overhanging roof, they become recessed lighting to illuminate the entrance at night and provide an unexpected detail.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Manchaca, TX, US