Dennis Schiaroli

Dennis Schiaroli

London, UK



It is in our day more than ever before in history that humans are co- operating with machines in everyday life. Many tasks have been completely given to the trust of the machines and taken away from the physical and mental people domain, such as the case of computer calculation, robots precision and lately AI and AR. This has drastically changed the environment that surrounds us as well as the way we interact with it moving our perceptions to something which was beforehand unknown. Since human perceptions have some limitations, it starts to be clear that machines could help to augment its features. Tide to the discourse of Architecture, we have always been representing what is directly visible to the human eyes and therefore we had to interpret the invisible based on individual's background. This is often an inaccurate estimation of the reality which leads us to a complete distortion of the spaces, distances and proportions. Because machine's understanding is based on algorithms, there is no alteration of what the reality of the real is and the outcome is a precise calculation. Co-operations between humans and machines perceptions could lead to a new way of architectural representation of the Object, in which all the information are re-organized and unfolded to give birth to a Superobject.

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
Additional Credits: Angelica Lorenzi, Eugenio Superchi