Dennis Schiaroli

Dennis Schiaroli

London, UK


SB_Mascenic Machine

The site of Zlin where the building is proposed is very small (11.000 m2 - 99.4m x 110.4m) so the decision was to make whatever part of the production line that was possible to be movable as a movable space. We designed those movable spaces in such a way that the product would stand still and the machine space would move around it. This is happening for every step of the production line except for the cutting of the beams and storage space.This way we were able to fit the production line in a much smaller space. Machine space and human space are separated. The office space is situated in the middle of the building to oversee every step of the production line. The offices are for customer service and overseeing the production. The product moves in from the back, gets cut and stored and is them brought up to the moving assembly line. From there the now up to 10m long beams are brought to a circular plate where they are rooted to be in the right place to then be brought up to the assembly line. There the machine space rotates onto the product, does it’s job (which consists of dot welding and marking in the first, fine welding in the second and painting in the third space) and then continues to the next beam. To connect our project to the city we rose up the assembly line and opened up the facade to expose the moving spaces to the city. The movement is now to be seen from even far away. The space underneath the assembly line is public and anyone passing by can see the product been assembled above. To get an even closer look visitors can walk up to the assembly line thru a separate entrance and experience the machines working from very close.

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Status: School Project
Location: Zlín, CZ
Additional Credits: Jan Niklas Schöpf, Marion Waid