Dennis Schiaroli

Dennis Schiaroli

London, UK


LADC_Los Angeles Data Collector

Splines have long been used in the field of Architecture and from the early 90’s they became to be widely explored and used to research in to new Architectural Possibilities. Architects like Greg Lynn, Zaha Hadid or Neil Denari, just to name a few, have been pioneers in regards. With attention to forms and unconventional thoughts, they have mapped a new era in Architecture. Splines are no longer seen only like curves, but they have begun to morph into surfaces and volumes. Also thanks to computation the outcome was a myriad of new curvilinear geometries, resembling both, nature and movement. By taking as a formal precedent a Thonet chair as a strong and clear example on the use of splines to create an object, the project looks mainly at two things: the use of splines as a generative design tool and the de-contextualization of an object, where the chair is enlarged to the scale of a building and translated from a domestic context to a urban one. The exploration is therefore not only geometrical as it also touches upon theoretical aspects of psychological oppositions like uncomfortably comfortable objects, uncanniness familiar and Object Oriented Ontology. The proposal for the campus will then be a flourishment of new architectural forms to house five start-up incubators buildings, each of them with a different program oriented towards clean technologies.

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Status: School Project
Additional Credits: Eugenio Superchi