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  • Growing from the inside out rather than the outside in!

    By deepshah1991
    Nov 12, '21 11:50 AM EST

    In the times we live in, work has walked into our homes and this phenomenon is going to stay for the near future.  By home, reference is to primarily towards our spaces of reflection, relaxation, facilitation of the inner life

    This way of life, where the boundaries between workspace and living space are blur has had its own effects on the way we live our contemporary lives. In terms of architecture and inhabiting spaces, within the last two decade the online shopping modality has entirely changed the way people shop, consume and interact within their built urban or rural environments. 

    This new upgrade where entire businesses have gone online and are working on screens and chat rooms is demanding an inquiry into how do we as architects work towards building environments especially residential spaces where we enable and create spaces to ground people in their spatial experiences and be able to navigate through life in a humane manner. 

    This remote working experience within a home environment has entirely changed the spirit of living, as it penetrates into the walls, spaces, 
    each and every material and humans. And when we have each member in the house working remotely, children Studying online, practicing hobbies like dance in the living room etc. It has pushed people to live in interior environments or indoor spaces with a screen setup and a Wi-Fi connection. 

    The spaces which enabled a different experience and allowed people to interact within a built environment, operating now primarily in a virtual dimension, there is an urgent need to humanize our homes and ensure sane ways of inhabiting. 

    This phenomenon is impacting the mental health, physical understanding of relationships and experiencing a place set within a context. 

    We see the reverse migration of people into spaces out of urban areas but have people really left those spaces in their minds and are rooted and grounded within a specific context?

    Only through the creation of a hybrid spatial modality can we ensure a better way of living in this new normal. 

    The inclusion of separate workspaces which are in the proximity of a walk within the house/ residence or community can facilitate a more holistic way of transcending this change. 

    It is critical for the mass population to adapt to this and incorporate this as a non-negotiable for a more humane future and growing from the inside out rather than the outside in. 

    This is where tweaking through architectural/ urban interventions and educating the clients via working models can we project by project weave a better culture and a safe space for people to navigate through this critical phase of the transformation of our civilization. 

    The creation of space has always had this subtle aspect of healing people and serving the true purpose of architecture - bringing the person back into the self and grounding one to experience life in a holistic manner. 

    What do you think?

    feel free to share your perspectives in comments section below or reach out to me -

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