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    Thoughts on contemporary architectural practice.

    By deepshah1991
    Sep 30, '17 4:04 PM EST

    As I keep moving forward in my professional practice, I am discovering multiple facets of architecture. It’s as if the layers keep unveiling as one goes deeper into this state known as architecture. In today's time where anything and everything is possible, there is no one way to practice. One would have a great confusion or a provoked thinking when exploring the recent history and movements in architecture and position oneself in the current trends in the practice. One would find himself/herself sitting on a roller coaster of ideas, processes and approaches.

    The process of architecture is not just limited to an academic understanding or pedagogy but is being practiced in various methods, thus describing the current state of architecture as a profession. To some its an intensely intellectually satisfying activity as an art form which has deep roots into the individuals way of expressing, to some its a medium to generate income no matter how it comes, to some its a game of manipulation, marketing and selling, to some its a hardcore business, and to a few its the most humane form of service to the society and the list goes on...

    So, what is all this jazz ultimately all about ? 

    Lets try to fragment it and understand its layers, exactly as we reveal layers of cities we analyse.   

     Firstly, architecture to an individual is how he/she sees or perceives it. That itself defines the course of journey a person has all along his/her life. This internal association is the foundation, the root to ones experience in architecture. 

    Secondly, it’s the most intrinsic and essential part in one’s life, as the built environment around you impacts your life in all respects. How conscious you are about this fact depends on your awareness. 

    Thirdly, it’s for the people by the people. Hence, the variety and difference in expression from the designer to the experience by the user.

    Fourth, whatever you say, it’s a business. If you don’t see it that way, someone else outside your domain is already looking at it in that perspective, or else why would start ups like aditaz be so heavily invested in from the biggest of investors in the world. Doesn’t matter how is your association is and on what level, the raw reality is that it’s a business and business which has a bright future in the next few decades. What degree of it you want to be associated, is one’s individual choice – and that my friend itself becomes the governing factor in the way it is expressed and translated in the physical manifestation of space.

    Fifth, it’s a highly collaborative profession. The right people at the right time for the right project determine the success and timelessness of any given architecture that is executed as you read this. When i say collaboration, its not just with your own colleagues but with all other stakeholders, from the owner to the mason on site, from the visionary master planner to the local project manager/executing agency etc.

    Now you would ask, why I am pointing out to the obvious things we have known for some time now. Because it’s an important backdrop towards the things I want to share/highlight.

    We often question:  Why is our profession so underrated? Why do people not give the respect architects and urban planners deserve as visionaries? Why are we so underpaid or a very struggling profession?

    The answer lies in the deep understanding of the 5 points mentioned above.  unless these 5 core components of our field are understood in the right spirit and attitude, no matter where you come from, what ideology, process or philosophy you have, what dreams and ambitions you have, it will continue to be the way it is.

    I shall shed more light on the concerns raised in the part 2 of this post.  In the meanwhile please share your valuable comments and views on the same.


    • leewilliamson

      I agree. 100%

      May 30, 23 7:06 am  · 

      I completely resonate with your thoughts on the multifaceted nature of contemporary architectural practice. It's true that architecture can be approached and perceived in various ways, depending on one's background, aspirations, and personal connection to the field. As you mentioned, architecture is not just an academic pursuit but a profession that encompasses art, business, and service to society.

      In today's rapidly evolving world, where possibilities seem endless, it's important for architects to navigate through the layers of architectural practice and find their own unique path. Collaboration plays a vital role in shaping successful architecture, as the input and expertise of various stakeholders contribute to the final outcome.

      Speaking of diverse perspectives, it's fascinating how different industries intersect with architecture. For instance, even in seemingly unrelated areas like epoxy garage flooring, such as the ones available in Hartford, there's potential for creative exploration. The use of innovative materials and techniques in architectural design can enhance both aesthetics and functionality, creating unique experiences within built environments.

      May 30, 23 7:47 am  · 

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