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Dropscape at Taliesin West, Arizona

Dropscape is an atmospheric architectural installation located in the historic core of Frank Lloyd Wright´s Taliesin West, which nowadays houses both the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and its School of Architecture.

Dropscape aims to apply the defining principles of Ambient and Atmosphere -as defined by artists like Brian Eno- to a context-specific intervention of spatial nature with the ability to blend itself with its surrounding environment.

This is achieved by intensively applying organizational mechanisms such as repetition and variable differentiation to a very subtle set of material properties –transparency, reflection, color and refraction- present in the 200+ glass marbles used for the installation.

The resulting assemblage is only noticeable within a short distance. Upon approaching it, the spectator will suddenly become aware of its presence. Then, an attentive glance will easily reveal its complete extension and geometric pattern, as well as the complex array of visual effects produced by its interaction with the Arizona sunlight along the day.

Dropscape becomes a subtle new layer -perceived against the existing background- that modifies and amplifies the visual qualities of its surroundings. It behaves as an environmental distortion field that performs dynamically at many different levels of attention.

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Status: Built
Location: Scottsdale, AZ, US
Additional Credits: With:
Saskia Jordá (Artist -
Andrea Tejeda and Lauren Rybinski (Taliesin BAS Students)