Cuartoymitad Architecture & Landscape

Cuartoymitad Architecture & Landscape

Madrid, ES


Casa Malpartida

This work involves the complete rehabilitation of a detached house, located in Malpartida de Cáceres and built around 1920. The existing building, as most local urban houses found in the area, was divided into two volumes (front and rear), which were connected by means of a small open courtyard.

The most significant intervention was the construction of a connective structure between the formerly separated built volumes. This structure takes the shape of a complex prismatic body. It operates as an unfolded mask by juxtaposing its geometrical faces over the white canvasses of the original façades, thus articulating a wide array of connective relationships of both functional and visual nature.

Moreover, and due to the serious state of disrepair of the original roofing, a new roof structure was built. This allowed for an additional 60 centimeters of extra ceiling height, which were used to intensify the functional capabilities of the upper floor by creating a series of interconnected, multifunctional, double-height spaces that were carved out of the interior of the built volumes.

The project attempts to visually differentiate any new interventions from the original architectural elements, while simultaneously grafting both contemporary and historical sensibilities into a single and comprehensive design statement. Consequently, light, dry-joint construction systems were used in order to establish a contrasting dialogue with the massive wall structures of the original buildings. Additionally, the project pursued the development of construction criteria that allowed both technological exploration and the sustainable use of locally available technical and material resources.

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Status: Built
Location: Malpartida de Cáceres, ES
Additional Credits: Photographer: Lucía Miret _