Cuartoymitad Architecture & Landscape

Cuartoymitad Architecture & Landscape

Madrid, ES


DIM Headquarters

Dim creates, produces and distributes lingerie for young women. This low-cost revamp of their main headquarters in an anonym industrial building in the outskirts of Madrid tries to produce an ironic and humorous image around the production of such “private” products. The iconography and colors used in their last designs are applied freely to the whole inner volume, creating soft, free-flowing shapes, and even some elements (such as the “panties wall”) have been built out of the remaining stocks of last year´s funkiest models. The public environment is literally made of the most private parts.

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Status: Built
Location: Madrid, ES
Additional Credits: WIth María Hermoso Cánovas as a member of Cuartyomitad.
Photographer: Daniel Vega