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    The numbers on a plate

    By wabi.sabi
    Sep 9, '13 11:36 PM EST

    Hello Archinecters,


    A quick note for those of you who would like to get an idea, I did some digging and found out how many of us here are doing each degree.


    This year, in the department of architecture, the number of new students in each program is:

    • MArch I :  21
    • MArch I AP :  7
    • MArch II :  15
    • MS :  2
    • HAUD :  2
    • BArch :  52

    We all share the studio space in Milstein Hall, except for the B.Arch. first-year students, so the plate becomes a very collaborative environment.


    At college level (all years), we have approximately the following number of students:

    • architecture :  350
    • art :  120
    • Rome and NYC (semester away at different times for each program) :  75
    • planning :  250
    • real estate :  60

             total :  850   (40% graduate students)

    You can see that the architecture department is pretty small considering it also includes a professional B.Arch. program - hope this gives you a better sense of the numbers at AAP. I personally like that it's smaller...



    Looking forward to Herzog's lecture tomorrow!

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    • BusinessofArch

      Just found your blog. It's been fun reminiscing about the days at Cornell! Thanks for sharing the blog.

      Sep 20, 13 10:36 pm

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