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    Greetings from AAP

    By wabi.sabi
    Aug 24, '13 2:22 PM EST

    I love what I do. When I started Architecture, I had no plans - as a nineteen-year-old, I charged with blind dedication into any assignments and experience coming my way.
    Four years later, I graduated with a non-professional bachelor's degree. In the process, I managed to intern on four different continents (in places ranging from one-man offices to internationally renowned firms),
    went on exchange for half a year, and yes, traveled extensively.
    I'm used to moving around a lot, I thrive from new places and have lived in no less than six big cities until now - until Ithaca, that is. Hello Ithaca!


    Sibley Hall and Milstein Hall (tiny on the right), from the Arts Quad. (taken yesterday)


    Hello Archinect!


    I'm excited to start school! I will be joining the M. Arch. I program at AAP Cornell in less than a week. I say "joining" because I'm entering the program with advanced placement (AP), so while I may write about some course and studio work, I won't be directly involved in the first year of the M.Arch. I.

    The reason I decided to set up this blog is that I noticed there isn't much about AAP's professional Master of Architecture on Archinect compared to other schools. When I received my M.Arch. I decisions back in March, I obviously had an important decision to make and a lot of factors to consider. Apart from personally contacting the schools, there was a lot of useful information to learn from peers.

    So I'd like to give everyone an inside view of the M.Arch.I program at Cornell, the studio life at Milstein (aka the plate life), the students, faculty, experiences in small-town Ithaca, work being done around the school, lectures, crits/reviews, exhibitions, and not only.


    AAP is Cornell's smallest college, its students representing less than 4% of the student body. The first year of M.Arch. I enrolls only fifteen to twenty students, and the following year around another dozen to fifteen AP students join the program.

    I really like that it's so small, half (or even less) the size of the other programs I've considered. I like the kind of tight, collaborative group it would become and the freedom/flexibility it would allow us (availability of space and resources, mobility, discussions participation, faculty to students ratio, individual recognition/involvement potential within the school, greater scholarship awards, mutual encouragement... the list goes on).

    Also, second-year M.Arch. I students spend an entire semester in NYC! I'm looking forward to it, the classes will also be tailored to make the most of the city's history/practices/galleries.


    I am curious how my time outside of my (urban) comfort zone will shape me. Located in a rural setting in Ithaca, NY, the campus sits roughly between two gorges and on top of a steep hill overlooking the surroundings - the views are stunning. If you live on North Campus you also run into "wildlife". I've counted sightings of woodpeckers, eagles (in flight), rabbits, deer and reindeer. Last one came out of nowhere (it was crossing the street),  took me by surprise in front of the headlights at night.


    For now, I don't have too many news about school. The orientation for new architecture grad students is on Aug. 26th (on Monday), classes start on Wednesday and we will have had a couple of brief workshops as well by the week after. So I'll have more to share by then!

    Until then, thanks for reading!

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    • sakshi pareek

      Thank you for the sharing your insights.
      As a prospective M.Arch I candidate I would like to request you to elaborate a little about your experience in applying to Cornell AAP. :))

      Sep 20, 14 10:43 am

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