Clara Fonte Boa

Clara Fonte Boa

Boulder, CO, US



Also inspired by the parametric design experience I had in Germany, and willing to
experiment the use of its process into projects developed at our university in Ouro Preto,
Luiza and I integrated the parametric grasshopper software in the design of our Interiors
studio project.
The goal of this intervention was to improve the interior yard of the Escola de Minas Building
and create an area of convergence that shelters four main activities: circulation, coffee/
chat, study and rest, transforming it into an integrated space that combines the comfort of
both an inside and outside area. In this concept, a fragmentation was developed following
a Voronoi pattern of the area, expanding the coffee shop/restaurant into the courtyard.
A redevelopment of the kitchen and courtyard landscape as well as a modular furniture
was also proposed to integrate with the canopies and provide the required resources and
amenities for the space.

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Status: School Project
Location: Ouro Preto, BR
Additional Credits: Luiza Cangussu