Clara Fonte Boa

Clara Fonte Boa

Boulder, CO, US



Caiarazu Residence is the first architectural project of my professional life that I had the
opportunity to fully develop, detail, and assist in construction. The goal of this project was
to make a small and cozy house for Zuleica and her family, Iara and Caio. A simple place to
live and receive friends. A mixture of innovation, sustainability and tradition.
To archive those principles we made use of wood, a resemblance of Brazilian colonial
architecture, and “cimento queimado”, a traditional handmade plaster finishing. In
contrast to the traditional, most concrete block walls are apparent, as well as the electrical
installations, giving not just a contemporary and innovative look, but also reducing waste
and helping to make a more planned and efficient construction. A true innovation to the
small town and its artisianal construction community.
This project was indeed a design experiment and a challenge to all those involved. From
the challenge of having the first apparent concrete block house in the town, to the
replacement of the commonly used hardwood to eucalyptus. Endless conversations and
discussions with the masons, the carpenters, engineer, the client and others not just made
this project to be possible, but also helped us all to gain experience, learn and glimpse
new horizons.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Carmo do Cajuru, BR
My Role: Designed, detailed, and currently supervising the construction of a single family residence as a practicing, licensed architect in Minas Gerais, Brazil.