Clara Fonte Boa

Clara Fonte Boa

Boulder, CO, US



Zuzia and I developed this project inside of the Optimization of Performance Studio
during my second semester of my international exchange program in Germany. The studio
proposal was to make use of parametric tools and process towards optimization and
elaborate a revitalization for the Budai Parkszípad abandoned theatre.
Our group focused on creating a conceptual roof capable of reshaping itself in order to
generate multiple configurations of permeability of its envelope, thus performing different
relationships between the inside and outside spaces.
Combining the concepts of the Geodesic Fuller Dome geometry and the tensegritiy
structural properties, we developed the project with physical prototypes after unsuccessful
trials of using the processing and grasshopper software to construct the model digitally.
The complexity of the geometry stimulated us to study a process to create the roof for any
given area. After my return to Brazil, I continued prototyping and experimenting with the
tensegrity geometries and was able to define a process to generate asymmetrical growth
of the tensegrity structure while keeping its self sustaining principle.
In March, 2013, the project was exhibited at the FUGA Gallery in Budapest and published
in the 5’2013 edition of the Architektura&Buznes magazine.

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Status: School Project
Location: Budai Parkszípad, Budapest, Hungary
Additional Credits: Zuzanna Kotecka