Chau Tran

Chau Tran

Newark, NJ, US

Spring 2015_Brick Build_Undisciplined CMU
Spring 2015_Brick Build_Undisciplined CMU
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Undisciplined CMU - Brick Build competition/studio

UNDISCIPLINED CMU is the second iteration of a second year undergraduate studio project at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in which a construction is developed as part of a masonry studio. Material is investigated as a given condition and turned into an unexpected object after intense exploration. The resultant object is a concrete construction that, as an education device, opened the possibilities of reimagining and reconsidering the banality of the most typical, and less valued material in the construction industry, by literally cutting it; aiming for an expanded consideration of disciplinary knowledge and industry in the academic setting.

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Status: Built
Location: NJIT, Newark, USA
My Role: Design development, One wall digital design,
Additional Credits: Professor Marcelo López-Dinardi, Team Blue of NJIT, Spring 2015