Chau Tran

Chau Tran

Newark, NJ, US


Pill Logistics

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This paper looks at pills as concentrated pieces of technology. The understanding of their physical attributes, designs, packaging and logistics of production and distribution, policy and procedures, as well as their illegal economic strata help us understand how pharmaceutical contents are designed, manipulated, and packaged to become familiar, standardized and attested objects that assimilate into our daily lives. The range of exploration includes, but is not limited to: pharmaceutical marketing, advertisement, color theory, tablet design, and consumption. With these findings, we aim to understand how its consumption affects our interactions and perceptions of our environment...

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Status: School Project
Location: Newark, NJ, US
My Role: booklet layout, graphic design, writing contribution
Additional Credits: The group consists of Chau Tran and Yuliya Veligurskaya