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Chau Tran

Newark, NJ, US

Schindler Global Award 2017_Competition Entry_Board 1
Schindler Global Award 2017_Competition Entry_Board 1
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Armature Urbanism - Group project

The Armature Urbanism project is a group project collaborated by the Master of Infrastructure Planning studio of the Fall 2016 semester. The project won an honorable mention in the Schindler Global Award 2017, an urban design competition for students, which focuses on designing for mobility, and integration at the CEAGESP site in the city of  São Paulo. 

From the submission proposal: 
"The departure of the CEAGESP market is treated as an opportunity to critically examine its assets and their impact, influence, and relationship with the site. The revitalization of the site begins by identifying existing resources, distinctive activities and convergences of energy. A framework of linked strategies induces growth and development during and after the market’s transition, and envisions a more dynamic site capable of openly involving its users as active participants in the production of the city. Operating through established socio-political mechanisms and at the infrastructural, architectural, and tactical scale, Armature Urbanism generates an interdependent system of physical, social, and cultural resources. An incrementally evolving infrastructural element, referred to as the Armature, becomes the driver of this new form of urbanism. The Armature is introduced as a conceptual tool, emerging through the connection of vacant lots and decaying properties selected for redevelopment and renovation to stitch together the remaining communities, activities, and assets on the site. At the infrastructural scale, the Armature provides utilities and services throughout the site, ensuring access to all emerging forms of urbanity. At the architectural scale, the Armature incentivizes growth and development of new hybrid programs while strengthening existing activities, and at the tactical scale operates as a framework for development of non-permanent human scaled interventions. The physical outcome of an Armature-based Urbanism is one with ramifications of resiliency for the site, fostering opportunity for growth, involvement, innovation, and cultural exchange through a hybridity of networks and spaces that enables flexibility and adaptability for the unpredictable nature of the city.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: São Paulo, BR
My Role: Project development, graphic contribution, design contribution, board layout and design
Additional Credits: Professor Jesse LeCavalier
The MIP studio group of 15 students total.

Schindler Global Award 2017_Competition Entry_Board 2
Schindler Global Award 2017_Competition Entry_Board 2