Chad Guempel

Chad Guempel

St. Louis, MO

Competition Board Submission
Competition Board Submission
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Storm water runoff in Brooklyn is a serious problem especially in the occurrence of heavy surges, causing sewage overflow directly into the Gowanus.  The sewer infrastructure in Brooklyn is not ideal for modern times therefore different strategies need to be used to offset the amount of runoff water entering the CSO (Combined Sewer Overflow) system.  The Gowanus By Design environmental group of Brooklyn hosted a design ideas competition to generate sustainable strategies to supplement the existing water storage problem.  In addition to CSO retention tanks, the proposed strategy calls for rain water collection via a network of canopies into a cistern.  The stored greywater can then be recycled and used in the building complex and on site.  The site will serve as a prototype for rain water collection and adaptive sustainable design in the built, urban environment.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Brooklyn, NY, US
My Role: Solo Project