Cristina Bustamante

Cristina Bustamante

Springfield, MO, US


Rainbow Network Headquarters | Spring 2012

This project was in collaboration with the Rainbow Network, an organization that develops long-term innovative solutions for impoverished communities in Nicaragua. Through innovative and sustainable solutions, the projects enable the poor to break the cycle of poverty by becoming self-sufficient.
Along with two more colleagues, we were involved in the design and development of the headquarters in Managua, Nicaragua. Our intent with the project was to create an educational experience through gathering space which act as resource for a self-reliant lifestyle. Due to Nicaragua’s location, the country is prone to earthquakes which made fundamental to generate a design that responded to these site conditions. Through the use of Bamboo Caña Guadua, a material  readily available and with a high tensile strength, the design was given character while being seismic-resistant. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Managua, Nicaragua
My Role: Team
Additional Credits: Erin Luaders, Kyle Yarbrough