Cristina Bustamante

Cristina Bustamante

Springfield, MO, US


Aigina Northwest Waterfront | Fall 2011

During my study abroad semester in Greece I had the opportunity to work in a local project that involved the urban development of the Ethnegersias square, the northwest end of Aigina’s waterfront. My intentions for this project was to develop a public area that creates a transition for the different layers of Aigina that generates unity through movement. The space would bring together the past and present history of the island, enhance the water and land connection, merge its function as a destination and circulation space, and address the interests of tourist and locals.  The proposal includes the relocation of the main public space in order to enhance the connection with the water as well as giving cohesion to the site. It was also essential to address the needs of the various transportation modes present in the site, including ferries, taxis, buses, amongst others. Moreover, outdoor exhibition areas, a library and a stage will transform the plaza into an outdoor cultural center. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Aígina, GR
My Role: Designer