Cristina Bustamante

Cristina Bustamante

Springfield, MO, US


Pireaus Cultural Coast | Fall 2012

This project called for the redesign of the existing cereals’ stock house building facilities and its surrounding open space into a Museum for Underwater Antiquities in the port of Pireaus, Greece. It also included the regeneration of the coastal zone into an open public space for outdoor activities. Our approach to the project emphasized in the existing structure, building upon its industrial quality.  The building’s openness becomes the catalyst to activate the Cultural Coast. The museum was organized around a main stairway that gave unity to the different levels. The building is organized around 6 axis that corresponded to different exhibition areas: Sea, Man and Environment, Time Capsules, Underwater Archaeology, Migrating to Land or Staying in the Seabed, and Shipwrecks. The program focused on interactive spaces that emphasized knowledge and gave life to the Cultural Coast.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Athens, GR
My Role: Team Member
Additional Credits: Fifth Year Studio - Fall 2012