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    dawn m trimble
    Sep 6, '13 9:22 PM EST


    I am not attempting to be a renaissance women – I don’t think I have the time.


    Long ago, before any talk about college or careers (we’re talking 14 years old here), I used to draw floor plans in a spiral bound notebook.  That was my thing…I would spend a few hours a week cryptically diagramming out how a person would move through a space.  I would close my eyes and imagine how natural light might affect a space, what changes in level would do and how activities should dictate the shape of a room.  My mother saw my intense interest in this and suggested I take ‘drafting’ classes – and so I did.  In high school, my drafting teacher and guidance counselor both suggested majoring in architecture.

    Upon graduating high school, I was accepted into Auburn University’s College of Architecture, Design & Constructions’ Summer Option program.  Summer Option was an intense 8 or 9 week program for freshmen students interested in architecture, interior design and building construction.  It gave accepted Auburn students the “boot camp” version...

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Comprehensive design at its best can be quite a sensual experience – calling attention to sight, sound and touch. I believe the best designers are generalists and agile in their approach to design. At the same time, they are connoisseurs of things that are of particular interest to them. seamless is a blog intended to document my investigation towards the type of practice I want to build: a practice where the lines of architecture and interior design are blurred or, shall I say it? seamless..

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