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    dawn m trimble
    Sep 22, '12 10:41 PM EST

    Great design is like a great movie, each time you see it, you experience something new.


    While DIY home design movement is quite popular at the moment due its democracy and budget friendliness, I would like to make a case for the pure talent and skill that is required to conceptualize, create and in the end, construct the design of an interior.  This post is not meant to raise one profession (or hobby) over another – for me, if you read my about page, it is clear that I am slowly moving towards an integrated practice.  This post is simply meant to distinguish, acknowledge and celebrate the fact that not everyone can DIY-it when it comes to the design of a space.  I can not preform open heart surgery or, all of a sudden decide to become a gymnast and join the 2016 Olympic team...

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Comprehensive design at its best can be quite a sensual experience – calling attention to sight, sound and touch. I believe the best designers are generalists and agile in their approach to design. At the same time, they are connoisseurs of things that are of particular interest to them. seamless is a blog intended to document my investigation towards the type of practice I want to build: a practice where the lines of architecture and interior design are blurred or, shall I say it? seamless..

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