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    “Architecture is a gray-haired profession” – Roderick L. Knox, Architect

    When I was in grade school, my sketchbook was an 8 1/2″ x 11″ spiral bound notebook.  In this notebook I would draw diagrammatic floorplans – one after another until the notebook was filled with a diversity of planned spaces.  By drawing these elementary plans, I was imagining what it would be like to move through space.  To move my body up a set of stairs, down a set of stairs, move through a wide doorway and a narrow one.  I loved closing my eyes and visualizing the spaces in their entirety.

    In highschool, I took mechanical drafting from Mr. Brannon in a building not attached to the school, but attached to the gym.  If I remember correctly, it was set up in a garage-type space with ‘store front like’ windows.  Each student had a drafting desk (that was angled) and a stool.  We would draw machine parts: the fronts of them, their sides and imagine cutting them down the center.  I remember being fascinated by how you could “cut” something and see it’s “insides”. . .

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      there is no nice dream as,imagining  what the space would be look like

      Dec 8, 12 2:50 am

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Comprehensive design at its best can be quite a sensual experience – calling attention to sight, sound and touch. I believe the best designers are generalists and agile in their approach to design. At the same time, they are connoisseurs of things that are of particular interest to them. seamless is a blog intended to document my investigation towards the type of practice I want to build: a practice where the lines of architecture and interior design are blurred or, shall I say it? seamless..

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