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    Preliminary Review- October 31 2012

    Darian Mason
    Nov 9, '12 9:13 PM EST

    The Next Installation of my thesis includes the Preliminary Review

    The purpose of the review is to provide three (3) viable schemes that expand and clarify the concept. I needed to dive deep into the concept, site, and program to create three iterations of inversion and insertion. And as with most things architectural, the results were nuance.

    I created four (4) schemes that expand on the concept:





    And the presentation of these schemes went from the vague inspirations to the more specific drawings and sketches.  


    These schemes helped me identify attitudes and relationships inherent in my project. Did I want to isolate, separate, or connect the host and guest. Do I want this architecture to plug in the host or guest, intertwine, or disperse....

    Lots of questions still as I am paring these 4 schemes down to 1that I will pursue in the Schematic review and through to the end of the project. 

    My next deadline is the 12th of December and I have to move into architecture and decisions that will lead to more questions. 

    Refine and Redraw, Iterations upon iterations.

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