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    Schematic Design and progress

    Darian Mason
    Feb 2, '13 7:44 PM EST

    So the schematic design process has been pretty fun and I'm sure it's missing the mark in a few places.

    But, let us talk about the process.

    One of the major moments was trying to find the organizing principle between my thesis of inserting and inverting the host and guest relationship and how to take a handful of program and arrange in within four walls... or boundaries. So I started with two programs, a host's and guest's. 

    Guest: Cafe

    Host: Kitchen

    I knew that I wanted the cafe to be open and the kitchen to be appealing but how do I design for that? I decided that a garden could act as a mediating factor that would hold the two together and apart. And that the combination could charge the space with expectation. So, with the geometric patterns created through the existing building and bisecting lines:

    ... I added a central space to wrap the program around.

    The result is a courtyard that is very "Moroccan" as in "the basic form of a traditional Moroccan home always consists of and enclosed square" (Courtyards in Marrakech, The Living presence of Islamic History by Werner Blaser) Ha! I found that quote today as I'm reading through a book on Moroccan courtyards that I found a good month after my review!

    So then I plunk in the program filling up the 5 floors.

    Including figuring out how a stair can work in a triangle configuration. A quick model and a few sections, and one super roughly sketched rendering:


    And my schematic design of my building is done.

    Now my challenge: sectional models and making the design as geometrically complex in the section as it is in the plan.

    ...this might take a while...


    • Nki-

      I really like your line drawings.. good luck!

      Feb 15, 13 10:54 pm
      vado retro

      nice drawings. however, may want to read the stair code....

      Feb 18, 13 1:12 pm

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