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    Day 1 thru 9: Preparing for Introductory Review

    Darian Mason
    Sep 7, '12 8:39 PM EST

    Thesis officially Started on the 29th of August 2012.

    They may stay it ends not with a bang but with a whisper. Right now I only see the whisper of long nights ahead.


    This blog entry will act as an introduction to my thesis and a means by which I can work out designer's block or writers block and organize my thoughts. Please bear with me through this endeavor and if you are interested you can always reach out or respond with comments.

    Current State of Affairs

    It is currently 12 days until the first of five reviews for this Masters Thesis Program at the BAC. It is the Introductory Review, intended till up all possible rocks or roots that will disrupt the Thesis Process. Preemptive, Preventative, possibly the biggest reason I currently stuck in terms of what to do. There will be many problems with the thesis... but exactly what those are...  Maybe I should give a download of what the thesis is:

    *clears throat*

    My thesis tests how architecture relates to and benefits intercultural interaction.

    Architecture is meant to beautifully house people, places, things, and sometimes simply ideas. And when two cultures meet for the first time, both carry the weight of the people, places, things, and ideas that they know.

    So, my question: How can Architecture be shaped around this meeting?

    When a new Moroccan immigrant community settles in the South End community of Boston, what does that meeting look like through the use of architecture. How is the architecture biased? Is it Bostonian architecture meeting Moroccan people? Is it Moroccan architecture meeting Bostonians? And if its either of these, does the architecture allow for a meeting or a confrontation?

    Can an architecture bridge the two cultures in a equally biased and sensitive manner that truly meets the two cultures and allows for mutual assimilation and incorporation?

    How can architecture act as the mortar of a mosaic rather than a forceful stamp of the Borg-like "YOU MUST ASSIMILATE" or the loss of distinction found in a melting pot?

    This is my project. My task. And the gauntlet I must make it through to graduate.

    Day 9

    There are going to be many days through this project. This is the first one where I get to throw all of it on to the wall and see what sticks, what falls, and what I want to cook a little longer...


    Sorry for the metaphors but if you're still reading, maybe you won't mind!

    Now back to work!

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    • Maisha011

      amazing reasoning! looking forward to it all. best wishes!

      Sep 8, 12 1:27 pm

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