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    Off topic-Life of a thesis Student

    Darian Mason
    Sep 29, '12 11:34 AM EST


    - This will be a short venting blog entry-

    Thesis is not easy. I love the creative thinking, the making, the drawing, the investigating, the mapping. But, it's not easy.

    Being a married and fully employed thesis student means that when I am at work, I feel like I should be with my wife or working on my thesis. When I 'm with my wife, I feel like I should be working on my thesis. When I'm working on my thesis, I feel like I should be with my wife. 

    Do not get it confused. School, Work, and Life take up overlapping time commitments and they will fight for your attention.


    Its a good time to remember to just breath. That time spent in the here and now will pay off later, but don't think about that. Remember to live in the moment and get done what you can when you can.

    The moment of Zen.

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    • jennmason

      i love u and your venting :) 

      Sep 29, 12 12:40 pm

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